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Welcome to the December 21, 1998 issue of the Stefan and Laura weekly online newsletter. In this issue you will find:

Coming Events News, scoops, spoilers, rumors about what is to come for our favorite secret duo and the people they care about.


Feature Article "Laura Has Chosen A Family" by SIP


Fan Fiction Updates A complete listing with links to most of the Stefan and Laura fan fiction sites on the web. (Updated weekly)


S&L Web Sites Links to S&L, Stephen Nichols and Genie Franics sites on the web plus links for other favorite Spencers and Cassadine sites. (Updated weekly)


Flashback Moment This week's featured flashback is "Nikolas' Birth". Includes dialogue and pictures. (Note: This special section contains many graphics and may take a few minutes to load.)


Supporting S&L Email and Snail mail addresses to Soap Magazines, ABC, GH producers/head writers and Genie Francis, Stephen Nichols and Tony Geary.


SNLA Keeperships Membership and Keepership lists for Stefan and Laura Always (SNLA),the group that started it all.


Soap Articles about S&L Soap Opera Weekly article entitled "The Best of 1998: General Hospital, Spencer/Cassadines".


Weekly Poll Answer this week's Spencer/Cassadine poll questions. See results from last week's questions.


  Transcripts and Pictures Re-live your most memorable Stefan, Laura, Nikolas, Lulu, Alexis, Luke, Lucky scenes.


Commentary "A Tribute to Michael Zaslow" by SNLOnline.


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